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Automobile Leasing Specialists Since 1973

We’ve been leasing vehicles for over 35 years -- long before it became the fad that it was in the late 80s when automobile manufacturers used leasing as a marketing tool to put everyday people into cars they wouldn’t normally be able to afford. It allowed the manufacturers to drive prices up on their vehicles while keeping people’s payments down. Before this, leasing was a financial tool businesses used for acquiring equipment, land, and offices with potential tax advantages to both the lessor and the lessee.

Family Owned and Operated for Three Generations

We’re third generation car guys. Our family started pumping gas and fixing cars in Elizabeth, New Jersey 75 years ago. We’ve been selling cars for over 40 years. And since 1973 we’ve been providing automobile leases, not to the public at large, but to our core clients: businesses and professionals who realize the strategic cash flow and tax advantages that leasing can provide. When the dealers were signing anyone and everyone into cookie-cutter leases, we were writing custom leases tailored to each client’s need and being up front with individuals where leasing just did not make sense for them.

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